Welcome to The Nutrition Practice!
At The Nutrition Practice, we believe that there is a gap in the Asian and in particular, the Singapore market, for personalized and individualized advice on nutrition and nutritional supplements.

As a professional, evidence-based nutrition practice located in Singapore, we aim to fill this gap.

We provide the following services:

  • personalized nutritional consultation and advice
  • community nutrition & wellness talks

How a Nutritional Program Can Help
Understanding your body and the nutrients you put into a body is the first step of preventive health and achieving your health goals.

Our nutritional program seeks to identify and treat – with nutrition – the underlying causes of health concerns, instead of treating the symptoms.

Here are some examples of conditions that are known to have responded to nutritional therapy:

  •  Cardiovascular & Heart Health
  •  Detoxification
  •  Digestive Complaints
  •  Eczema
  •  Fatigue
  •  Immune Enhancement
  •  Insomnia
  •  Joint & Bone Health
  •  Liver Health
  •  Mood Enhancement/Stress
  •  Sports Performance Optimisation
  •  Weight Management/Weight Loss

If you have any of these or other health concerns, please contact us, and we look forward to being able to assist with your nutritional needs and health goals.

Additionally, we will be able to assist to provide optimise your usage of nutrition and nutritional supplements, and streamline it in a way which best suits your needs and lifestyle.