Our Consultant Nutritionist

Our consultant nutritionist, Daniel Jason Ong, graduated from the University of British Columbia, Canada, with a Bachelor of Science (Global Resources), specialising in Human Ecology and Food, Nutrition & Health. Daniel also spent significant time researching the North American & European innovations in food & nutrition, and brings to the practice, the best of his experience to The Nutrition Practice and to Singapore.

Having practiced in Canada, Sweden & Singapore since 2002, Daniel has been active in advising on nutritional issues both at a community and at an individual level.

In the course of his work, Daniel has advised large multi-national companies and Singapore conglomerates on nutritional matters. He has also worked with a women’s health chain and a large nutrition supplement company providing nutritional advice and talks.

Daniel is a strong believer in preventive health. Daniel works closely with all his clients to ascertain individual health goals and objectives and works them to meet these objectives, such as anti-aging and weight management.

Daniel has also been active in conducting volunteer community outreach programs in neighbouring South East Asian countries including Indonesia and Cambodia, providing basic nutrition counselling and basic hygiene courses.